Our Mission

We have carefully developed strong and successful business relationships with local lending institutions, including community banks and credit unions, to help solve debt settlement challenges for consumers. Rescue One Financial has the ability to secure a ‘yes’ answer from lenders through the science of bundling packages that make sense to the lender.

When you’re struggling to make payments to your creditors and need a small loan, don’t do it alone. Rescue One Financial can help you resolve your outstanding debt and unpaid bills by asking lenders for help and negotiating reasonable interest rates and payments, because relationships matter.

Our program is 100% compliant with the FTC’s debt relief rule, which is a law that was created to regulate debt relief providers to ensure consumer protection.

Helping Americans out from under a mountain of debt, one family at a time…

Rescue One Financial is dedicated to helping struggling consumers negotiate fair settlements, meet current debt obligations, understand what got them in financial trouble in the first place, and learn how to avoid debt in the future.

Rescue One Financial is dedicated to helping business owners meet the demands of bridging business finances with cash flows by helping businesses negotiate and secure affordable-rate business loans.

Those are the outcomes that matter to us.

We’re Committed to your Financial Freedom


“I was unsure about what program was right for me. Fortunately, I was referred to Rescue One by a friend of mine and I’m so glad I called. Within a few days I had a clear path to get my finances back in order. Steven, my designated rep, was incredibly helpful and held my hand the whole way.”