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“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of me and I can finally get out from under this debt. Thank you so much for your help.”

– Caesar, CA



Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Vilma C.$4,994.57$1,998.00$2,996.57
Alana M.$33,921.30$16,960.00$16,961.30
Thad S.$32,924.06$16,469.03$16,455.03
Reitta S.$10,088.86$4,035.54$6,053.32
Felix L.$13,536.46$6,768.23$6,768.23


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Chirag M.$15,547.55$7,773.77$7,773.78
Tammy M.$19,784.07$8,902.83$10,881.24
Chris S.$9,430.18$4,715.09$3,261.35
Thomas O.$11,266.91$6,198.80$5,028.11
Christina P.$7,428.41$3,714.00$3,714.41


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Jeffrey H.$5,557.36$2,807.00$2,750.36
Jacquelyn T.$2,815.13$1,266.81$1,548.32
Robert C.$3,239.42$1,295.77$1,943.65
Juan S.$11,844.50$5,922.00$5,922.5
Yissel M.$9,788.10$3,914.44$5,873.66


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Gary B.$12,767.16$5,746.00$7,021.16
Dallas S.$22,618.59$9,047.44$13,571.15
Jackie W.$10,885.75$3,265.73$7,620.02
Thomas S.$8,920.53$3,568.21$5,352.32
Joshua C.$6,479.73$2,076.00$4,403.73


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Jesse S.$9,719.09$4,859.55$4,859.54
Michael E.$9,969.80$4,985.00$4,984.80
Christine H.$5,118.00$1,871.17$3,246.83
Anna Z.$4,355.21$1,350.00$3,005.21
Paul S.$4,510.04$2,400.00$2,110.04


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Carlos C.$8,670.57$4,335.29$4,335.22
Aubon W.$3,855.58$2,314.00$1,541.58
Robert L.$34,149.83$17,074.92$17,074.91
Richard F.$6,758.07$3,380.00$3,378.07
Manuel R.$1,927.57$868.00$1,059.57


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
David N.$9,163.36$4,124.00$5,039.36
Doreen M.$12,222.55$5,940.00$6,282.55
Patricia T.$3,434.53$1,546.00$1,888.53
Deborah A$4,568.94$2,200.00$2,368.94
Gordon W.$2,684.97$1,611.00$1,073.97


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Jessica J.$9,769.86$4,800.00$4,969.86
Steve G.$7,224.78$3,525.00$3,699.78
Felix V.$3,021.43$907.00$2,114.43
Gerard B.$43,646.26$24,000.00$19,646.26
Amie C.$4,819.11$2,170.00$2,649.11


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Lori H.$5,087.58$2,035.03$1,896.36
Erich W$11,475.08$4,591.00$6,884.08
Daniel V.$3,008.79$1,505.00$1,503.79
Whitney J.$6,254.96$2,190.00$4,064.96
Wayne. P$3,792.71$1,896.36$1,896.35


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Stephen B.$4,912.48$2,456.25$2,456.23
Joshua W.$4,227.47$2,113.74$2,113.73
Yesenia R.$5,886.32$2,355.00$3,531.32
Vanessa C.$1,582.63$791.32$791.31
Lillian R.$5,636.93$1,975.00$3,661.93


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Noren B.$6,521.27$3,912.76$2,608.99
Karen 0.$10,299.41$6,179.65$4,119.76
Shirley S.$23,400.98$14,040.59$9,360.39
Roberta W.$20,111.88$12,067.13$8,044.75
Maria S.$6,132.79$2,698.43$3,434.36


Client Name:Client Owed:Client Paid:Client Saved:
Roman M.$5,761.46$2,880.73$2,880.73
Patricia N.$5,821.61$3,492.97$2,328.69
Reto L.$13,996.68$5,598.67$8,398.01
Thomas G.$6,853.89$2,741.56$4,112.33
Angela H.$8,083.30$3,638.00$4,445.30

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